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The rise of the artisan lockdown bread baker

PriceSpy data reveals home breadmaking is on the rise again. 

With Auckland still operating in an Alert Level 4 lockdown, Kiwis are once again rummaging through their pantries to make bread at home, with data from the fully impartial price and product comparison site, PriceSpy, revealing popularity for bread making appliances is on the rise!

Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett, New Zealand country manager for PriceSpy, says: “The impact of lockdown, supermarkets being listed as places of interest and the hospitality sector closing its doors, has certainly affected what consumers are looking to buy at the moment.

“For example, since the Alert Level 4 lockdown was implemented, bread making appliances listed on PriceSpy has witnessed a huge spike in popularity, rising in popularity almost three quarters year-on-year (+74 per cent). And a similar trend can also be seen across each of the most-popular bread making products.”


Most-popular bread making appliances on PriceSpy

Popularity history

Prices ranges listed on PriceSpy

Panasonic SD-2501

Panasonic SD-2501

Chart, line chart

Description automatically generated

$255 - $389.99

Panasonic SD-ZP2000

Panasonic SD-ZP2000

Chart, line chart

Description automatically generated

$398 - $629

Sunbeam BM2500

Sunbeam BM2500

$118 - $189


“When New Zealand first went into lockdown, demand for bread was incredibly high and supermarket shelves were soon left empty. Demand however now seems to have subsided as bread is once again more readily available to buy.

“However, even with bread once again available to purchase, popularity for breadmaking appliances has continued to surge, indicating this lockdown phenomenon could be one that’s here to stay for the long term,” says Liisa.

Isabel Pasch, owner of Auckland-based bakery and café, Bread & Butter, says: “Lockdown offers the perfect opportunity for people to have a go at making and baking their own bread at home - and it’s great to see people keeping busy doing this.

“Not only do home-baked breads taste delicious, they offer a healthier alternative and provide so much versatility - think pizza bases, buns, rolls. 

“Unlike supermarket-bought breads that is highly processed, home-baked breads only use a few simple ingredients – flour, water, yeast and salt.

“The whole bread-making process can really help people at home in lockdown situation, as making it creates an opportunity for the whole family to get involved.  What’s more, kneading encourages people to get ‘hands-on’ and move the body - and it’s quite therapeutic for the soul.”

Liisa concludes:  “It’s great to see people are keeping busy in lockdown by getting creative in the kitchen to make delicious food at home.

“For those looking to make bread at home, we suggest people start with an easy-to-make recipe in the first instance, such as the 48 hour bread loaf recipe from Bread & Butter. This recipe can be made with or without a breadmaking machine and tastes delicious!

“If you’re in the market for a bread making machine, as well as finding an easy-to-follow recipe, we also suggest people carry out important price research before they buy as price points between retails can vary massively.

“Using a price and product comparison site like PriceSpy is quick, free and easy to do. To find out more information and to start comparing prices, head to our website, or download the PriceSpy app.” 


* Year-on-year click data for bread making  machines (17th August to 6 September 2020 vs 17th August to 6 September 2021)


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