2023-09-05 23:00Press release

Kiwis rise above the damp: Popularity for dehumidifiers and dryers soar this year after unprecedented rainfall, according to PriceSpy data


Amidst the unprecedented rainfall New Zealand has received this year so far*, new PriceSpy data is shedding light on how consumers are adapting.


PriceSpy’s research found:

  • Consumer purchase interest this year** for  dehumidifiers has almost doubled (49 per cent) in comparison to the same time the previous year
  • And, consumer purchase interest across the shopping category of tumble dryers was also found to be skyrocketing - jumping up in popularity by almost a fifth (+19 per cent) year-on-year**


Liisa Matinvesi-Bassett, Country Manager at PriceSpy NZ, commented on the trend, saying, "Our insights indicate that consumers are actively seeking out solutions to combat the challenges posed by the consistently damp weather, to ensure homes and clothes remain dry.”


“Dehumidifiers have become a valuable option across many homes, helping to manage indoor air quality, reduce condensation, and create a dryer home atmosphere.


“Furthermore, we've also witnessed a notable surge in demand for tumble dryers, as Kiwis seek alternative options to the winter sun for effective cloth drying."


Liisa continues: “Whilst this year’s weather conditions have been widely reported as wild*, some of the popularity we are seeing may also be attributed to the adverse weather events that New Zealand encountered earlier in the year. This event created unprecedented flooding, profoundly impacting a significant number of Kiwi homes.


So, is now a good time to purchase a dehumidifier or tumble dryer price-wise?


Against the backdrop of an enduring cost of living challenge, PriceSpy’s latest research continues to show that price hikes are happening across numerous shopping categories featured on PriceSpy.


"Our pricing analysis unfortunately reveals a parallel trend is also apparent across the category of dehumidifiers, with average prices costing 20 per cent more this year,” says Liisa.


Liisa concludes: “On a brighter note, the average price of tumble dryers appears to have dropped, with our research presenting a three per cent decrease in comparison to last year’s average prices.

“With retailers running promotions at different times, running a quick price check and comparison before making key purchases will likely help consumers to save money at an otherwise more expensive time.”


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